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  • Description: half-day tours in London by private car conducted by accredited driver-guide.
  • Number of persons: Up to 7.
  • Typical timings: 8:30am-12:30pm.
  • Pick-up/drop-off: any central London address.
  • Price: 1-2 passengers = £400.00;  3-5 passengers = £420.00; 6-7 passengers = £440.00.
  • Attraction tickets: for certain tours we may need to book skip-the-line tickets to attractions and add them to your tour price. These are priced at the attraction’s standard rate including any transaction fees and are non-refundable.
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Your driver-guide will pick-you up from your central London hotel or place of residence at the specified time. Then, the only private tour that visits ALL the murder scenes in the terrifying Jack-the-Ripper canon.  Discover the terrifying truth behind the legend in one spine-chilling tour. Setting the scene, the district of Whitechapel, in the East End of London, lies near the dockside once prowled by cut-throat pirates. Here, the hideously deformed Elephant Man was cruelly taunted by late-Victorian society. But that same Victorian society was itself haunted by the blood-curdling deeds of a sadistic murderer, the first in history labelled a serial-killer. With many sites still conveying a sense of spookiness, we descend yet further into the depths of the Ripper’s madness, and ask, what kind of demons would possess someone to perpetrate such devilish deeds? There is a chance of visiting the infamous Ten Bells pub, where some of the victims were picked up. Finally, we make our way back along the dark silent river that has claimed so many victims of its own. Here we discuss likely Ripper suspects, and the legacy of the legend. Murder, mayhem and mystery… dare you try our Jack-the-Ripper in Private Tour?
4-hour driving tour. Subject to availability. Not recommended for children.


Your driver-guide will pick-you up from your central London hotel or place of residence at the specified time. Then, a visit to the world famous Royal Botanical Gardens in south-west London. Opened in 1759, the site was originally a royal garden belonging to the eldest son of King George II. Today it covers 120 hectares and contains 1/8 of all flowering species known on earth, plus a number of ‘champion’ trees, and many rare plants. There are 40 listed buildings such as the humid Palm House, built in 1888, which maintains a rain-forest climate with its own tropical sound system, and contains the world’s oldest pot plant. Also worth visiting is the Princess of Wales Conservatory, featuring ten climate areas and a butterfly zone, and the Waterlily House featuring the Giant Amazonian Waterlily. Other highlights include the Temple of Arathusa, a Japanese farmhouse traditionally thatched with bamboo, and a tree-walk. Your guide will conduct you on a short walking tour, then you can take advantage of the land-train to see the full extent of the gardens.  With just about everything to pique the interest of the green-fingered gardener, it only remains to add that the bookshop offers the country’s largest collection of horticultural books.
Usually open daily. Admission payable on entry.