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This second day of this tour is offered at half-price, saving you up to £370.00 against booking both options separately.

Active from 1800-1816, Jane Austen only completed 6 novels before being cruelly stuck down by illness in her early 40s. However, the romantic and humorous nature of her works ensured she became one of the most widely-read female authors in literature. This 2-Day Special Jane Austen Private Tour is recommended for super-Austen aficionado’s. We cannot promise a chance meeting with a modern-day Darcy, but we can promise two enjoyable days out in Hampshire and Somerset.

On both days your driver-guide will pick-you up from your central London hotel or place of residence at the specified time. Your driver-guide will suggest appropriate lunch options on each day. Perhaps a village tea-room, restaurant or traditional pub. Alternatively, you may want to bring a pre-packed lunch or just grab a sandwich. It’s your tour, it’s your choice. (Note: the 2-Day Special Jane Austen Private Tour price does not include food or refreshments).

Day 1: Jane Austen’s Hampshire
After an initial fast-track out from London, we start the tour at the north Hampshire village of Steventon,  birth-place of Austen, and where she lived until the age of 25. Here she drafted Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility. The 12th century parish church has changed little since Jane attended and contains Austen family memorials.

Next, we make our way to Winchester. This historic city appeared as a movie location for the film version of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. See the house where Austen lived during the last months of her terminal illness, and take a personal tour of Winchester Cathedral, her final resting place. Finally, in the village of Chawton in Hampshire, we take a guided tour of the 17th century house where Austen spent the productive part of her writing career. It is now a small private museum and has been welcoming visiting Austen fans since 1947. We will also view the manor house once owned by her brother.

Day 2: Jane Austen’s Bath
After an initial fast-track out from London, this tour brings us to the Georgian city of Bath. Royal patronage in the early 18th century made it a fashionable place to stay. It was the first town in the UK fully planned with streets, squares, parks, pavements and lights. Jane Austen arrived here in the early 1800s, just as the town had been completed in the neo-classical style, and it remains pretty much the same today. Take a drive along the Georgian streets: the whole city, entirely carved out of a local honey-coloured stone, reflects architectural achievements past and present. View the interior of a Georgian townhouse and discover a delightful museum dedicated to Austen. See the house that Jane called home from 1801-05. She wrote the initial drafts of both of Persuasion and Northanger Abbey here. Also view several locations chosen for screen adaptations of Jane Austen classics, including the famous Assembly Rooms, which now houses a fashion museum.

With so much history, it’s no surprise that the whole city of Bath is designated a World Heritage site. It is also renowned for its naturally occurring thermal waters, the only hot water mineral springs in the country. Jane wrote a letter about taking the  waters in which she said ‘We are all unanimous in expecting no benefit from it!’ See how the Romans made their sandal-print on British history with a visit to the stunning Roman Baths unearthed at the end of the 19th century. Perhaps finish with an elegant afternoon English tea experience in the Edwardian Pump Room, and try a glass of the famous water there.


Description: 2 separate day tours by private vehicle 
    from London conducted by accredited driver-guide.
Number of passengers: up to 7.
Depart/return times: 8am-5pm.
Pick-up/drop-off: any central London address.
Price* (based on number of passengers):
    1-2 =£1,050.00;  3-5 =£1,080.00; 6-7 =£1,110.00
● *Attraction tickets: for this tour we book standard
    tickets in advance and add them to your tour price.