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Note: We no longer operate the Day In Greenwich Private Tour by car. The combined cost of fuel, parking, road tax, congestion charges and operating licences means we cannot effectively offer value for money with this option.

However, we do offer the same tour by ‘tube’ (the Londoners’ nickname for the subway transit system). Here are five advantages of the tube alternative:

  1. Cost-effective: typically, a family of four can save £150.00 over the previous car option. We can take larger families too (up to 10).
  2. Time-effective: usually a faster way to get around the city, giving you more time to enjoy your tour. As London Transport advertising once proclaimed: ‘It’s quicker by tube!
  3. Eco-friendly: kinder to the environment, and healthier too, with a little more walking involved. Not too much walking, but enough to burn off some excess calories!
  4. Engaging: interact with the city, just like a local.
  5. Iconic: adds another dimension to the London visitor experience. As the oldest and largest underground transit system in the world, it’s practically an attraction in itself.


Your guide will meet you at your central London hotel or agreed meeting point at the specified time. With so much to see and do, your Greenwich Private Tour deserves a full day in its own right. The Royal London Borough is not only a famous place name, but a World Heritage site noted for its architecture and the centre of the world’s time zones.

Cutty Sark
Greenwich is the spiritual home of a 19th century sailing ship which has the most extraordinary history as one the fastest ‘trade clippers’ of the sea. A recent multi-million-pound refurbishment has seen the whole ship transformed into an amazing dry dock museum.

Maritime Museum
Greenwich has a famous naval tradition: it was the Royal Navy HQ for 400 years, and many ambitious voyages left from this shore of the River Thames to discover and explore new worlds and cultures. We will view a brief sea-going history by visiting the National Maritime Museum.

Queen’s House
Greenwich was once the principle royal residence outside London, and the cradle, quite literally, of the Tudor dynasty. Royal patronage ensured a variety of architectural greats, including Inigo Jones, whose 1616 Queen’s House was the first classical building in the country.

Royal Observatory
We visit this structure in Greenwich Park built in 1675 by Sir Christopher Wren. Literally, a time capsule where we find some of the answers to the mysteries of chronology, including Harrison’s famous nautical clocks designed to conquer the problem of calculating longitude at sea.

Other highlights
We also have the opportunity of straddling the World Meridian Line, the exact point where East meets West, and nearby capture one of the best panoramic views of London. Finally, we take a brief look around the original Greenwich Village, noting famous past residents.


Tour price includes:

  • The tour and any options as laid out in the itinerary above.
  • Personal qualified guide.
  • Private guided tours of all attractions in your itinerary except where stated.

Tour price does not include:

  • Tube travel tickets. If required, these are added to the price at £10.00 person.
  • Tickets to attractions: These are usually pre-booked by us at the attraction’s standard rate including any transaction fees.
  • The cost of meals or refreshments.
  • Gratuities or tips to guide (at client’s discretion).


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Description: day tour in London by ‘tube’
    – conducted by accredited guide.
Meet: any central London address.
Depart/return times: 8:30am-4:30pm.
Number of persons: up to 10.
● Tour price: £430.00*
    – *plus travel tickets (as needed) at £10.00 pp.
    – *plus pre-booked attraction tickets.